Textbook Ordering Options

Ordering Options for Saving Money - It's Your Choice!

Check out and see which option works for you. Buy used textbooksfrom the comfort of your home, dorm room or office. Stop losing money at your school bookstore and see how we can save you money!

We have all the major textbook publishers represented as well as the major advertisers that nationally supply college textbooks via one website. You do not have to search all over the internet for used textbooks or settle for the prices you get at your college bookstore, just let us do the research for you.

We offer our customers the following NEW options:

  • Free online Comparison Tool
  • Shop dozens of bookstores for the lowest prices online
  • Over 8 million textbooks
  • Choose from new, used, rental, eTextbooks and international
  • Save up to 95%
  • Notes are now available that adds information from the seller indicating the book's condition
  • Coupons are now available from the various merchants to help you save even more money
  • Not only do we have textbooks, we also have books that are available for the shear pleasure of reading
Buy Textbooks and save money

Why Buy New or Used Textbooks?

Those of you who don't care whether your textbooks are old or new but "just want to save money" you can buy and sell used textbooks at any of our advertisers and get a really great deal. We are here for you students who prefer to buy a new textbook because you just like having a textbook that nobody has owned before, especially if it is you major and you plan on keeping the book for future reference.

Even though some of you may not care how much you pay for that new textbook, we can still save you money so you can spend that saved money on other things.

Buy eTextbooks and download your eTextbook today!Why Buy/Download eTextbooks?

Many of our advertisers who offer eTextbooks include over 90% of the core textbooks that are in use today. The benefit to having eTextbooks is that you can access your digital course material from any web browser and on digital devices including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Some of the advertisers have eTextbooks available in online and downloadable format for a fraction of the price of traditional print textbooks.

Rent Textbooks and save money!

Why Rent Textbooks?

For those of you who just want to get your textbooks delivered to you when you want them and return them when you are done, then you may want to rent textbooks online. Many of our advertisers offer the option to rent textbooks and some only rent textbooks. Many of these advertiser offer new or gently used books for typically less than half the price you would pay in your school bookstore.

If you don't want the hassle of trying to sell back your used college textbooks, you may prefer to rent textbooks instead. This way, you also don't have to worry about your textbook becoming outdated and unsellable. Many of the advertisers give you the option to buy the book after you have rented it. You just have to check on the rental policies of the advertiser. Some pay for shipping and some even shipping both ways. That can really add up to huge huge savings.

Sell used textbooks and get cash!

Why Sell Textbooks?

For those of you students who want to sell a brand new textbook because you dropped a class and just want to get rid of the book but still get some of your money back, you are just moments away from selling your textbook and making money! You can sell your used college textbooks for cash, which can help you save some money to purchase or rent textbooks for your next class!